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Spring Egg-stravaganza Challenge 6

Hi Twilighters, Nicola here and it's my turn to set today's cyber crop challenge over on our Twilight Crop and Craft Facebook group. Hope you're all having a lovely Easter and enjoying the cyber crop so far.

Challenge Number 6: Nicola's Daffodowndilly Recipe Challenge.

I've pulled my inspiration for my challenge from the classic A.A. Milne poem, Daffodowndilly, to give me my 5 "ingredients" for my recipe; my challenge to you is to include them all in your layout in some way (feel free to be as inventive as you like).

For example, the "sun" ingredient can be any variation (sunlight, sunshine, sunbeam, etc) and in my sample layout for this challenge, I've just got the word "sunshine" in one of my phrase stickers.

I've used JWCF 957 Leaf Wreath in my sample layout (available as digital or precut on the website).

The challenges are open to people all over the world. The winner will be chosen at random from the entries in each challenge album after the closing date on Saturday 4th May 2024. The challenge albums and full list of challenge rules can be found in the Twilight Crop and Craft Facebook group.

Happy crafting, everyone! 😊 xx

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