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Rainbow Butterflies Layout

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

This layout was created during lockdown for one of our virtual crops. I started to experiment with watercolour crayons and Vicki Boutin art crayons.

Starting with a white page can be daunting but as VB would say, it's just an opportunity to enjoy yourself and there are not such things as mistakes, just make art! I mixed the art crayons on a piece of clear plastic, sprayed some water and then turned the plastic sheet over to 'kiss' the page before allowing it to drip and run.

Butterfly Die Cuts and Punches

The beauty of using your own die cuts and punches to embellish your layout is that it can be completely colour matched. This can be a little messy, but lots of fun! I punched a range of butterflies of different sizes and once dapped with some colour, I left them to dry.

Smooshing, drips and splats!


Use a good quality white cardstock for mixed media (I use 300GSM smooth - available in our shop). If it wrinkles, I have a Minc Machine (like a laminator) and I run the paper through it to smooth it out.

Kit List

  1. White Cardstock

  2. Heat gun

  3. Butterfly die cuts

  4. Vicki Boutin Art Crayons

  5. Water spray, paint brushes, water pot

  6. Embellishments

  7. Photo

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