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Twilight Crop and Craft first blog post!

Well, who'd have thought it... our crop is 11 years old and we are launching our very own website. We could not have achieved this without the support of our wonderful Twilighters! We've held crops in the snow, sunshine and even lived through months of lockdown and no cropping (turning to virtual scrapping instead, which kept us all sane!)

Debbie and I met many moons ago at Mod Scraps, a crop held in Downend, Bristol. I was new to scrapbooking, although I always had a love of all things creative. I arrived at the crop, not knowing anyone, feeling nervous about coming to this event on my own. Very soon, I was sitting next to Debbie and realised that we had education in common, we lived locally and Debbie knew my Mum! From that moment I was totally hooked on scrapbooking (I made a list of all the things I 'needed' to buy that day, and a firm friendship was started).

Crafting Friendships

In the years that followed, I made many friends through crops. Over ten years on and these friendships are stronger than ever. Even through a pandemic, we cannot be stopped! Zoom/Facebook video calls, chatting, drinking coffee and crafting. Total heaven when you feel so isolated from it all (and I still made lists of things I 'needed' to buy on these video calls from my crafty friends!!

Retreats and Weekends Away

I've had some of the funniest, most relaxing weekends away at scrapbooking retreats and weekends away in cottages with like minded crafting friends. It is the thing I most look forward to. I've laughed till I cried, scrapbooked until the early hours whilst drinking wine (I can't do that so well as I have gotten older!) and made so many memories which I will continue to scrapbook. To all my crafty friends old and new, I thank you for this wonderful hobby and for your's to many more years ahead!

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