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Using ALL of the cutfile!

Kelly here with another double use of the same cut file. I hate waste and when I get 'bonus' letters from the middle of the cutfile I never throw them away.

For these layouts I used the travel title.

In the first layout I backed it with some cruise themed rice paper from the website. This was so easy to do! I stuck the cutfile on the paper and after waiting for the glue to dry I used a paintbrush to wet the rice paper around the edge of the cutfile. Leave to soak for just a second and then pull. The rice paper comes apart easily where it is wet and gives you a nice soft feathery edge around the title.

For the second layout I coloured the middle of the letters with Nuvo paint - I have the pre-filled paintbrushes which are amazing for things like this. No mess or cleaning paintbrushes.

Both packgrounds are 49 & Market and I also used a few of their matching embellishments.

I also used lots of bramble fox paper snips, perspectives and epoxy circles

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