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Retail Therapy Butterflies

Good morning, Twilighters! Nicola here bringing you today's DT layout using my Spectrum Gardenia subs kit - if you missed that one, fear not because the cutfile is now available separately in the shop as JWCF 897 Butterflies Gardenia Kit (digital / precut) and there's lots of Spectrum Gardenia supplies available here.

This layout is dedicated to the fun my friend and I had at the Paper Fox crop this weekend... specifically all the retail therapy we did; we were like little retail therapy butterflies fluttering from shop to shop.

She told me at the start of the weekend that it was my job to keep her restrained when it came to shopping - bad idea! 🙈🤣 we just perpetually encourage/enable each other 😉 but we had the best weekend! 💕

Don't forget, there's lots more crafty inspiration to be found over on the Twilight Crop and Craft and Jennywren Cutfiles Facebook groups, @twilightcraftsuk on Instagram, and twilightcc8823 on Pinterest... and visit the Twilight Crafts website for all their beautiful cutfiles and supplies!

Happy crafting! x

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